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Special Issue - Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

This supplement, under the direction of Professor Réal Labelle, research-member at CRISE, provides The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry readers with 6 articles in clinical research about protective factors of suicidal behaviours in adolescents, while also considering depression and borderline personality disorder (BPD), 2 psychopathologies commonly associated with these behaviours.

But why this interest for protective factors in depression, BPD, and suicidal behaviours in adolescents? Three reasons guided this search:
1) a concern for promoting a more valid approach in child psychiatry, which would target all factors affecting mental disorder, as protective factors and risk factors are closely related;
2) depression has become the main cause of incapacity worldwide;
3) and depressive disorders chronicity raises a concern about recurrence as early as illness onset, anticipating a positive impact from interventions on protective factors, although we do not yet have conclusive findings.

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