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Word from the Director

Welcome to the CRISE website

The activities of CRISE are based upon the conviction that suicide prevention requires concerted action involving researchers, clinicians, planners and the community. Our projects involve close cooperation between researchers who are aware of intervention needs and organizations working in suicide prevention. Our transdisciplinary approach is based upon the belief that suicide is a complex problem. Thus suicide prevention needs to integrate different perspectives from researchers from several disciplines. At CRISE, the process of developing new projects and decision-making involves a collaborative effort. We invite those people who support our objectives to communicate their suggestions to us, in order to help guide our current and future activities. Our primary objective is to contribute to the reduction of suicide in the world and to increase understanding of suicide and euthanasia. We are continually looking for new partners who share this conviction.

Brian Mishara, Ph.D., CRISE Director
Professor, Department of Psychology
Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Photo : Michel Giroux

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