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Research Orientations

CRISE focuses its research in the following areas :

  • Mental disorders and suicide
    This field of research seeks to better understand the complex links between mental health, life events, and suicide, in order to better target prevention and improve intervention for high-risk individuals.
  • Development and evaluation of interventions in suicide prevention
    Evaluative research is essential for improving interventions in suicide prevention and it is at the heart of our research. This field of research seeks to develop expertise in this area and bring research and practice closer together in the improvement of interventions.
  • Ecology and epidemiology of suicide and high-risk groups
    The goal is to coordinate efforts in the field of suicide epidemiology in Quebec in order to identify and better describe the highest risk groups and develop targeted prevention and intervention programs.
  • End of life ethics practices
    As the population ages, euthanasia practices and legislation must be revised. This field of research aims to understand the different issues and aspects related to euthanasia and its relationship to suicide. This ties into all the research done by CRISE and clarifies the ethical issues related to research on suicide, euthanasia and prevention practices.
  • Suicidal process
    Many idiosyncratic aspects of suicide are not easily captured by quantitative approaches, these need to be complimented by qualitative approaches. This field of research aims to develop a better phenomenological understanding of suicide and to complete scientific methods in this field.
  • Knowledge application
    This field of research seeks to understand the determinants of knowledge transfer in suicide prevention, identify the best approaches towards this end and implement the most effective strategies in this field.
  • Mental health promotion
    This field of research looks at populations where suicide is not a significant problem in order to strengthen their protective factors both at the individual and environmental level. Research in this field aims to support people’s ability to improve or maintain good mental health. The research also seeks to better understand the characteristics of environments that promote mental health (school, family, workplace, community.)



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