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Daigle Marc
Professeur retrait, consultant en valuation de programmes
Universit du Qubec Trois-Rivires

Daigle,M., Beausoleil,L., Brisoux,J., Raymond,S., & Charbonneau,L. (2002). Des hommes en dtresse: quels services vont-ils utiliser? Intervention, 116, 5-12.

Distressed men: Where are they seeking help? A large telephone survey (N = 1090 males) showed that men have a good knowledge of the formal and informal resources in suicide prevention. For example, they would refer a suicidal person to telephone services or to community governmental services (CLSC). Among professionals, they would refer mainly to psychologists, physicians or psychiatrists. The answers are slightly different if they are asked about their own use of help in the past. Social workers do not come out as first choices, even if these professionals can be assimilated to CLSC, which is a more frequent choice. Interviewees generally agree that men can feel pain as much as women, that this is their right to do so, that they can show their pain and that this does not constitute a weakness.

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