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Daigle Marc
Professeur retrait, consultant en valuation de programmes
Universit du Qubec Trois-Rivires

Daigle, M., & Mishara, B.L. (1995). Intervention styles with suicidal callers at two suicide prevention centers. Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior, 25(2), 261-275.

Examined the nature, process, and determinants of interventions with suicide callers. The participants were volunteers (17-70 yrs old) at 2 Canadian suicide prevention centers. The clients were 263 callers at the prevention centers. A total of 617 calls with suicidal clients were analyzed and classified with the help of a 20-category rating instrument, the Helper's Response List. It was observed that the intervention profiles could match one of the 2 styles: nondirective (Rogerian - 391 calls) or directive (226 calls). The particular style of intervention was related more to the characteristics of the callers themselves than to the characteristics of volunteers. (PsycLIT Database Copyright 1996 American Psychological Assn, all rights reserved).

Cote : SLTB 25(2), 261-275.

Mise à jour : 8/26/2004

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