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Sguin, M., Lynch, J., Labelle, R., & Gagnon, A.(2004).Personal and family risk factors for adolescent suicidal ideation and attempts. Archives of Suicide Research, 8(3), 227-238.

Despite research indicating that suicidal ideation is strongly related to future suicide attempts, ther is limited data on variables associated with continued suicidal ideation and behaviors in adolescents. The objectives of this study is to investigate whether personnal, cognitive and family risk factors can differentiate adolescent suicidal ideation and attempts. Twenty-four attempters, 50 ideators and 50 non-suicidal adolescents (aged 14 to 25 years) were asked during an interview to complete individual and psychosocial measures. Both suicidal groups reported greater personnal vulnerability and perceived their family as less functionnal than did the non-suicidal group. However, no diferences were found between both suicidal groups. The results suggest the presence of common factors in both adolescent suicidal ideators and attempters.

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Cote : REVUE-ASR-08.3.03

Mise à jour : 9/23/2004

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