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Daigle Marc
Professeur retrait, consultant en valuation de programmes
Universit du Qubec Trois-Rivires

Daigle, M. (2004). MMPI inmate profiles: Suicide completers, suicide attempters, and non-suicidal controls. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 22(6), 833-842.

Results from the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) were compared for three groups of male inmates in federal penitentiaries: 47 suicide completers, 43 suicide attempters and, 123 non-suicidal controls. Analyses show that the groups differed on all 10 clinical scales and on at least 8 after Bonferroni correction. Attempters obtained the highest scores on 4 of 8 scales; they also posted the highest scores on 3 others, but differences were significant only against non-suicidal controls. Completers posted the highest score on only one scale (Mf), but the difference was significant only against non-suicidal controls. All told, completers proved more similar to non-suicidal controls than to attempters. Regarding profiles, completers are more strongly correlated with non-suicidal controls (r=0.95) than with attempters (r=0.86); non-suicidal controls are less strongly correlated with attempters (r=0.88). The fact that attempters seem more pathological than the others can mislead clinicians screening for suicide risk.

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Mise à jour : 12/21/2004

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