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Publication du membre du CRISE

Mishara Brian L.
Fondateur et directeur du CRISE, professeur
Universit du Qubec Montral

Mishara, B. L., Houle, J., & Lavoie, B. (2005). Comparison of the effects of four suicide prevention programs for family and friends of high-risk suicidal men who do not seek help themselves. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, 35(3), 329-342.

Callers to a suicide prevention center concerned about high risk men were randomly invited to participate in one of four programs: Information Session, Information Session with Telephone Follow-up, Rapid Referral to mental health and abuse programs, or Telephone Support. Comparison of pre-test, 2 month post-test and 6 months follow-up with 131 participants found that after third party participation, the third party participant reported that the suicidal men had significantly less suicidal ideation, fewer suicide attempts, and less depressive symptoms. Family and friends had less psychological distress, used more positive coping mechanisms, and reported their communication with the suicidal man was more helpful. The Telephone Support was considered the most useful program.

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Mise à jour : 11/30/2005

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