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Delawarde, C., Saas, T. et Briffault, X. (2014) The public health dogma of evidence-based mental disorder prevention and mental health promotion: French professionals beliefs in regard to parenting programs. Health Sociology Review. 23(3): 166-177.

In the last few years, various international public health organizations such as the World Health Organization or the European Commission have recommended the worldwide dissemination of evidence-based mental health prevention programs. This public health ideal, relying on new scientific disciplines, is at the origin of multiple controversies in a number of countries. This article contributes to bring a reflection on the ways political experts, researchers and practitioners have integrated these new preventive strategies. More precisely, the objective is to present and to discuss the results of a qualitative study on French professionals representations and theoretical perspectives with regards to evidencebased parenting programs. Results are based on ethnographical inquiries in French public health institutions and on 12 semi-structured interviews with professionals. The results demonstrate three ways to conceive parenting support, themselves attached to distinct anthropological, socio-political and interventional models.

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