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Wendland, J., Danet, M., Gacoin, E., Didane, N., Bodeau, N., Saas, T., Le Bail, M., Cazenave, M.-T., Molina, T., Puccinelli, O., Chirac, O., Medeiros, M., Grardin, P., Cohen, D. et Gudeney, A. (2014) French version of the Brief Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment Questionnaire. BITSEA. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 39 (5) : 562-575.

OBJECTIVE: The aim of the present study was to examine the psychometric properties of the French version of the Brief Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment (BITSEA). METHODS: The sample consisted of 589 low-risk infants aged 12-36 months and their parents. Parents completed the BITSEA, the Child Behavior Checklist 1-5 (CBCL - 18 months to 5 years version), and the Parenting Stress Index - Short Form (PSI-SF). RESULTS: Multitrait-multimethod and confirmatory factor analyses revealed adequate psychometric properties for the French version of the BITSEA. Scores on the BITSEA Problem scale were positively correlated to all CBCL and PSI-SF subscales, whereas negative correlations were found between BITSEA Competence scale and CBCL and PSI-SF subscales. The BITSEA Problem score significantly increased with level of parental worry, examined through a single-item question that is part of the BITSEA. CONCLUSION: Findings support the validity of the French version of the BITSEA. However, additional work on the clinical validity of the BITSEA, including with at-risk children, is warranted.

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