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Seeking help?

If you or someone you know, is experiencing a suicidal crisis, or if you have been left bereaved by suicide, please contact one of these numbers.

Suicide Action Montral: 514-723-4000

In Qubec:

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CRISE is an interdisciplinary research centre at the Universit du Qubec Montral, with more than forty researchers, practitioners, doctoral and post-doctoral students from four universities and twenty institutions and community organizations in Quebec.

The objective of CRISE activities is to reduce suicide and suicidal behaviours and to reduce the negative consequences of suicide.


14e Summer institute 2018
Best Practices in Suicide Prevention Programme Evaluation
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Watch our new CRISE webinar: Implementation of Two School-Based Mental Health Promotion Programs
This webinar aims to shed light on the positive impacts of the Zippys Friends and Passport: Skills for Life mental health promotion programs. Both these programs are shown to encourage acquisition of useful coping strategies and the general emotional wellbeing of elementary school children, in first grade (Zippys Friends) and 4th and 5th grades (Passport: Skills for Life). Through fun and educational activities, both programs help children develop useful coping strategies that help them deal with lifes trials.

Professor Brian Mishara appointed as Principal Investigator for MHCCs Roots of Hope Project
Roots of Hope is a national initiative that focuses on the development of evidence-based best practices and suicide prevention guidelines and tools and is intended to support the implementation of suicide prevention activities across Canada.

28th World Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)
New Discoveries and Technologies in Suicide Prevention
Montral, June 16-20, 2015
Visit the website (web archives)

New Supplement - Canadian Journal of Psychiatry - 2015
Six free articles in clinical research about protective factors of suicidal behaviours in adolescents. Under the direction of Professor Brian Mishara, research-member at CRISE.

Everything you always wanted to know about RAILWAY SUICIDE PREVENTION and TRAUMA REDUCTION

New publications from CRISE in 2018

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